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Is bankruptcy the right decision for you? If you ask any bankruptcy lawyer they will tell you that it is. Alright, there might be a handful of bankruptcy lawyers that are honest and are not just after your pocket book.

Does it really make sense that you have to pay huge fees to a lawyer to file for bankruptcy? You can barely afford to pay the rent, buy food, get gas, and there is not much left after your necessities. Plus you are swimming in debt and now some lawyer wants your hard earned money to file bankruptcy for you.

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They will make it seem like it is the only way and they will also convince you that you can pay them over time. The catch is they will not actually file your bankruptcy until you have paid them completely in full. That could take 6 months or even a year and you could be using that money towards your debts.

You have other options and unless your debts total at least twice what you make in a year, not including your mortgage, then you do not need to file for bankruptcy. This is the truth and you really need to make sure you are making the right decision.

You can use a not for profit debt consolidation or credit counseling service and they will, in a way do the same thing for you. The difference is you will have paid all your debts off over time and you will get the financial counseling you need in order to keep yourself from ever needing bankruptcy lawyers again.

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