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The Bronx is New York City's northernmost borough, located northeast of Manhattan. The population of The Bronx is estimated at over 1.3 million which ranks fourth of the five boroughs. Located on the US mainland, The Bronx is separated by The Hudson River from New Jersey to its west and the Harlem River which separates it from the island of Manhattan to the southwest and the East River which separates the Bronx from Queens to the southeast.

The Bronx includes several small islands in the East River and Long Island Sound, most notably Rikers Island in the East River is home to the Rikers island jail facility. City Planning has 49 neighborhoods in the Bronx; notable Bronx neighborhoods include the South Bronx, Little Italy on Arthur Avenue in the Belmont section, and Riverdale.
There are many experienced bankruptcy lawyers in the Bronx. The quickest way to find a local Bronx attorney is to use Google search. If you type in, "Bronx Bankruptcy Lawyers" you will get a number of local lawyers that show up on the Google map in the Local section of search. You can also check out the sponsored search section, there are a number of attorneys that pay good money to show up at the top of the search results. Lastly, take a look at the organic search section - it's right below the local results and is the "true" results from Google based on the content and back links to your site.
There are many online lawyer directories that have catalogued hundreds of bankruptcy lawyers, this is an easy way to search and beats hunting through Craigslist, the phone book or a trade magazine. You should always ask for a referral, there's a good chance a co-worker or friend has needed a bankruptcy attorney.

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