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Currently, there are about 15 million employed Americans living below the poverty line. One of the major reasons for this is the everlasting effect of bankruptcy. In such situations, a good bankruptcy lawyer is imperative. Services provided by a high-quality, experienced Las Vegas bankruptcy lawyer can help a person to overcome his mountains of debts.

The guidance of a good lawyer can be very helpful, as the Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy law, which prevail in Las Vegas, are difficult to comprehend and follow. Hence, it is advised to hire an attorney who specializes in bankruptcy as his practice area.

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The bankruptcy laws were shaped by the Congress in order to provide help to those who have been victimized by job loss, divorce, identity theft, and disability.

Las Vegas bankruptcy attorneys come to the aid of the victim who falls in the provisions of the current bankruptcy laws. First, a strict and complex means test is conducted, which might restrict the victim's ability to qualify for the bankruptcy protection. Then, a certification from a debt counselor is required, stating that the victim has made efforts to lessen his debt outside of bankruptcy. This leads to an increase in the work and cost connected with getting hold of a discharge.

A Las Vegas bankruptcy lawyer will help the victim fight for exemptions, which are laws that will allow the victim to protect certain types of property from creditors when he files for bankruptcy. These include assets such as home, car or other motor vehicles, clothing, tools, pensions and IRAs.

To conclude, a Las Vegas bankruptcy lawyer will analyze an individual's situation and provide a comprehensive solution to the financial problems faced, and quote an accurate estimate of the charges, with no obligation.

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