How in the World Do I Pay For My Bankruptcy Lawyer Fees?

If you're considering filing bankruptcy, you're obviously in a deep financial mess. Simply put, you're at the end of your financial rope and will likely find it difficult to pay for any new bills or fees that come your way. With this in mind, how can you possibly afford to pay for bankruptcy lawyer fees? Should you try to file for bankruptcy yourself?

Until the last few years, declaring bankruptcy and going through the process by yourself may have actually been achievable. You may even have friends or acquaintances who insist that they filed for bankruptcy without a lawyer and that you should be able to do the same thing. Here's the problem: bankruptcy laws have changed.

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In 2005, Congress passed a law which made the bankruptcy process more complicated and more difficult for consumers to go through. That doesn't mean that you can't file for bankruptcy, but it does mean that you'll have to jump through some hoops to get there. Even lawyers are having trouble trying to sort out all the new rules and regulations because the new law is so complex.

So basically, you really need to get a good lawyer to help you with the bankruptcy process. Trying to do it all on your own could end up being a nightmare, and you might end up feeling like you're trying to defend yourself in a murder trial.

But how do you pay for it? Well, for one thing, most lawyers charge their clients by the hour, so if you can reduce their workload you'll end up paying less. How do you do this? You simply continue to read as much as possible about bankruptcy so you can skip the most frequently asked questions when talking with your lawyer. You should then get all of your financial statements in order and know exactly what you owe and to whom.

One thing to keep in mind is that once you file bankruptcy, you can stop making payments to your credit card companies and similar bills that will probably be wiped out in bankruptcy. You can use these extra funds to help pay your attorney costs.

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