Why a Bankruptcy Lawyer is Needed Now More Than Ever

So you have finally made a decision regarding your financial affairs, and you believe that bankruptcy is a necessary step for your future. Do you really need a bankruptcy lawyer to help you figure things out?

Yes, now more than ever, a bankruptcy lawyer is a must if you plan on filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 in the near future. First of all, this professional assistance can help you decide whether bankruptcy is in your best interest to begin with. An honest and capable lawyer can examine your situation and answer specific questions that you may have regarding your own circumstances.

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After all, every person is different, and you need to have a lawyer who cares specifically about your own set of circumstances. Once you have made a decision that bankruptcy is right for you, you still need a professional to help you along the way. You should not count on a paralegal or on a document preparation service at a time like this.

Why is a bankruptcy lawyer so crucial nowadays? Because Congress remade the bankruptcy code into something much more complex. Some bankruptcy attorneys refer to it as barf (the bankruptcy abuse reform fiasco). According to some experts, the law is such a mess that many lawyers and judges are still having trouble trying to figure out exactly what Congress meant when it passed a law. (This should come as no surprise, because Congress itself often doesn't know what it's doing. I imagine most of the members of Congress don't even read the bills that they're passing.)

You may have a buddy who tells you that declaring bankruptcy by yourself is a piece of cake. Chances are, however, that your friend declared bankruptcy before the recent changes in statutes. Take a prudent approach and get help from a professional who can help you navigate the maze known as the bankruptcy law. Meanwhile, continue to learn as much as possible through more articles like these.

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