What a Bankruptcy Lawyer Can Do for You

Bankruptcy occurs when an individual has no other options to get out of debt. It is the process that allows people to pay back or at least reduce their debt to credit card companies and banks. The two types of consumer bankruptcy are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.

Difference Between Chapter 7 And 13

With Chapter 7 one must meet certain criteria before he/she is able to file and is more for people who are unemployed. Chapter 13 is more suited for people who still have a good income, but are struggling to meet their financial responsibilities. In both cases it is imperative to get a bankruptcy lawyer as you must go through the judicial system.

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Eliminate Debt Through Bankruptcy

When most people hear bankruptcy they immediately think of it as a negative thing. Others who have filed and been through it may say it saved their lives. The process of bankruptcy is designed to aid the person filing and allow them to get back to living a normal life. Most banks will take a certain percentage out of your paycheck in order to start paying your debt off right away. This way it is not left to spend once the check is cashed. A bankruptcy lawyer is necessary as they are highly trained in this area and will guide you through the whole process.

Keep Your Home with Chapter 13

One of the nice things about Chapter 13 bankruptcy is that both your home and your car will not be repossessed. You will still be able to live in your house but it will be owned by the bank until you pay off its debt. A bankruptcy lawyer will properly represent you in a court of law and give you all the insight you need as to what is next. There is also a chance that a mortgage may be eliminated completely. A good lawyer will ensure you get the best deal that is possible.

Why a Bankruptcy Lawyer is Needed

A lawyer is needed because when you file for bankruptcy you must appear before a court and state your case. The lawyer knows all the ins and outs with this type of thing and will give you a significant edge in being accepted for it. They will tell you how you can put an end to your debt and walk you through the bankruptcy process. People who have questions are more than welcome to call and talk to an attorney to see if bankruptcy is the right move.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Rules

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Rating of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Rules

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