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There are a lot of bankruptcy lawyers available around Seattle metropolitan area (which includes King, Snohomish, and Pierce counties) who will give the best strategy for your bankruptcy case. These are professional lawyers who have been handling a lot of clients with bankruptcy files. They will review all of your debts and will be the first to tell you whether you are really in bankruptcy situation or not. Some of bankruptcy lawyers do believe that filing a bankruptcy is not the best resolution after all. It is quite a risky situation to be filed as once you filing this record, it will remain at your record for up to 10 years. While other lawyers believe that one of the main purposes of bankruptcy Law is to give people, who are awfully troubled with debts, a brand new start by wiping out their debts.

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So do not hesitate on having a lot of preliminary meeting with some bankruptcy lawyer before you hiring one. This step will allow you to have premiere look on each lawyer on how they will represent and help you maintaining back your personal financial injured with their various strategies. This also allow you to have a good understanding of what Seattle law allows you.

Don't worry about the cost, as the first consultation service is initially come free. Choose a bankruptcy lawyer who is familiar with the new bankruptcy laws, and can deliver your needs in matters of foreclosure, abusive collection practices, with Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 of bankruptcy files.

Chapter 7 is the option that vast majorities filed regarding their bankruptcy. It is a straight liquidation which gives a person relatively a quick "fresh start" again. In order to pay all of your debts, this chapter will need you to file your entire properties and list of the exemption that you want to keep. This also includes a statement of your financial affairs, your current salary and expenditure. Based on this list, bankruptcy lawyer will liquidate and distribute them all to your creditors. This way you will have your debts wipe out within only around four months.

While the advantage if you using Chapter 13, it will prevent you from mortgage foreclosure. It will allow you to compensate and pay off your debts by restructuring your finances and properties. It is the option that people choose when they want to pay off part of their debts within period of three to five years. In this chapter, debtors are allowed to keep their properties while your creditor will have less money than they are owed on you, plus creditors will not allow to collect any previous debt occur without any permission from the bankruptcy court.

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