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Having a choice is one of the pleasures of life, even if the choice that is going to be made is which bankruptcy lawyer one has to hire at a time of financial crisis. Before this choice is made a concerted effort should be made to have a complete understanding of your financial records. This will accomplish two things one is you will know what your financial health is and this is always a positive thing, and two the lawyer that you will choose can not take advantage of you by offering to do more tasks then is necessary.

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The best source for finding lawyers is of course the ABA, The American Bar Association. This should be your firs stop to finding information not only about the lawyer that you will eventually choose, but getting resources in the form of education about bankruptcy and what it entails. This is one of the best sources for legal advice that you can get with out paying a retainer. The website of the ABA should be visited after you have found several names in your city to find out if they belong to the ABA and if they are licensed in your particular state to practice law.

Believe it or not there are lawyers that are practicing law with out a license and your first question if you have not verified the authenticity of your lawyer as suggested is to see his or her state license to practice law in your state. After it has been verified that the attorney you have chosen meets the initial criteria what you have to find out is what kind of bankruptcy they specialize in.

There are different kinds of bankruptcies and finding one that has a specialty is often better, because they are usually more aware of what is happening in that particular kind of bankruptcy. If you are an individual and not a business than the lawyer of choice should be one that is in the business of defending cases of personal bankruptcies. There are different rules that apply to individuals that a business is not entitled to so be aware of all your options before going to the lawyer, spending a couple of hours online can dramatically affect on how you look at bankruptcy and the lawyer you will be hiring.

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