How to Work With a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Why file Chapter 7? Why not file Chapter 13? There are benefits for each, especially if you're in trouble financially. Perhaps the most important decision you make will not be between forms of bankruptcy, but who you choose to help you. This guide shows you how to hire and work with a Georgia Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer.

Who can help?
You need a lawyer. While some get a bad reputation for gouging clients, there are many respected, reputable, and honest lawyers who can help you.

Why hire a lawyer?
A Georgia bankruptcy lawyer is essential in filing for either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. Consider how much time and money you'll save by filing Chapter 7, subtract that from the price of filing and lawyer fees, and you'll see how good a deal this is. A lawyer can work with you to discharge the most debt, protect your assets, advise you on any problems you might have, and stop creditor harassment.

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How much will it all cost?
Typically Georgia bankruptcy lawyers charge a flat rate for the estimated time, especially in Chapter 7. This process is relatively fast. You might pay $1,000 to $2,000 for an experienced lawyer. It may sound like something you can save money on - by hiring a cheaper lawyer - but in order to have success, you need talent, experience, and time from your lawyer.

Why file Chapter 7 in Georgia?
Chapter 7 has many advantages, especially in the state of Georgia where the economy is only starting to get back on track after thousands of job losses, foreclosures, credit card debt rates, and medical debt. If you have little to no income coming in, and thousands if not tens of thousands in debt, you can discharge this debt fairly simply. The main reasons to file Chapter 7 are credit, medical, and mortgage debts.

Why not Chapter 13?
For Georgia home owners, working with a bankruptcy lawyer may instead be filing for Chapter 13. Chapter 13 is also beneficial, and your lawyer may advise it. In some cases where you make too much money, you have to file this way. In others, you can save your home from foreclosure.

Closing Thoughts
A professional Georgia bankruptcy lawyer helps you before, during, and after a bankruptcy. You can save a lot of time and money by hiring an experienced one from the start. Be clear on your needs, consult with more than one lawyer before hiring, and find one who fits your budget.

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